Business Wear & Corporate Suiting

An important part of working in a demanding corporate office is dressing for the part, whether that’s looking cool and collected when meeting top clients, handling customers, or representing your business at a conference. At Simon Jersey, we understand the importance of looking professional, sharp and diligent, while standing out in a corporate role. So, we've designed a range of business wear for men and women, ideally suited for a busy day in a corporate environment.

We know every business’s image is different, so our selection fits the needs of all corporate roles, from customer-facing jobs to office-based city roles. This includes traditional tailored suits and dresses through to contemporary waistcoats and blouses.

Ideal for working long days and late hours, the selection is machine washable and has been designed so you can look on top of your game, feel focussed, and keep cool during those pressurised days in the office.


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