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    Do Mental Health Doctors and Nurses Require a Uniform?

    The NHS took the decision that Mental Health professionals were no longer required to wear a medical uniform such as a typical healthcare tunic or dress, as worn by other Nurses and staff in the health service. The rationale behind the change in approach was that Mental Health staff should look professional and be recognisable but not identifiable as being NHS staff. Their appearance should not be intimidating to patients, who could associate the uniform with negative feelings, and it…

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    Layer Up with Regatta

    There’s no doubt that winter has arrived and now is the perfect time to think about adding high quality outerwear to your uniform to get you through the coming months. We…

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    Get on Trend with Plum

    Throughout Autumn Winter ’18 plum is set to be a huge colour trend, the deep tones add an element of elegance and refinement to your day to day working wardrobe. Simon…

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    What is Uniform Tax?

    Most people will have never heard of uniform tax, nevermind know what it is  and how, as workers, they can benefit from the government legislation offering tax relief on job expenses.…

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    5 Tips for Women Choosing Businesswear

    Choosing businesswear can be a difficult task for both men and women. It’s important to create the right balance between professional and stylish without compromising on comfort. Different situations may also…

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    Uniforms For Healthcare

    Deciding on uniforms for your private healthcare practice can be tricky. There will no doubt be several different departments that may require totally separate uniforms from one another, for example you…

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    Why Chef Uniforms Are Important

    When deciding what uniform to purchase for your kitchen staff, not only do you need to think about the practicality of what they are wearing, but also how it looks. If…