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  • Making it Work

    What is Uniform Tax?

    Most people will have never heard of uniform tax, nevermind know what it is  and how, as workers, they can benefit from the government legislation offering tax relief on job expenses.…

  • How to Wear New In

    5 Tips for Women Choosing Businesswear

    Choosing businesswear can be a difficult task for both men and women. It’s important to create the right balance between professional and stylish without compromising on comfort. Different situations may also…

  • How to Wear

    Uniforms For Healthcare

    Deciding on uniforms for your private healthcare practice can be tricky. There will no doubt be several different departments that may require totally separate uniforms from one another, for example you…

  • Making it Work

    Why Chef Uniforms Are Important

    When deciding what uniform to purchase for your kitchen staff, not only do you need to think about the practicality of what they are wearing, but also how it looks. If…

  • Our World

    Tailored For You – Loyalty Scheme

    We’ve launched our new website and now we want to reward our valued customers by giving you the opportunity to join our brand-new Tailored for You, loyalty scheme. Earn points on…

  • New In

    New Style Blouses Launch

      Not only have we updated the prints of our Simon Jersey blouses, we’ve also launched some completely new styles. To keep up with current fashion trends we now have a…

  • New In

    Summer 2018 Blouse Collection

      This summer at Simon Jersey we’ve worked hard to expand our work blouse collections with new prints and colours. As the weather gets warmer we know that your staff uniform…

  • Making it Work

    Consider This: Healthcare Uniform

    A well designed healthcare uniform serves a functional purpose, and at Simon Jersey we appreciate how conducive to a medical environment good workwear is. We’ve outlined the most important features of…