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7 Essentials to Build the Ultimate Women’s Capsule Work Wardrobe

If you work in an office, you’ll know that your business attire is more than just workwear. It’s a way to convey professionalism, showcase credibility, and help you feel comfortable and confident in the workplace.

However, building a women’s capsule work wardrobe that meets the needs of your environment can seem daunting. Especially if you’re starting from scratch.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. In this blog post, we’ve shared our industry knowledge to help you build a professional capsule work wardrobe, including the 7 staple pieces every woman needs and how to style them to create various looks to see you through the working week stylishly.

Simon Jersey shares our industry knowledge to help women build a professional capsule work wardrobe. Including the 7 staple pieces every woman needs.

Table of contents

  1. Firstly, what is a capsule work wardrobe?
  2. What to consider before building a work wardrobe
  3. How many items do you need in a work wardrobe?
  4. The 7 staple pieces every work wardrobe needs
  5. Build the perfect work wardrobe with Simon Jersey

Firstly, what is a capsule work wardrobe?

A work wardrobe is a collection of garments and outfits chosen for wear throughout the working week. It is often made up of various workwear staples, from work blouses and tops to office skirts, trousers and dresses, allowing you to create various outfit combinations that meet the needs of your job role.

What to consider before building a work wardrobe

If you’re building an office uniform collection from scratch, there are two important factors to consider before you start:

Your workplace dress code

Before shopping for work clothes, consider your workplace’s dress code and policies. While most workplaces do not have a specific list of what employees can and cannot wear, they follow one of four dress codes: Casual, smart casual, business casual and business professional. 

By familiarising yourself with your office’s specific dress code, you can ensure that the workwear you choose is suitable, saving you from wasting money on outfits that don’t meet your company’s or job role’s expectations.

The items you already own

You might be surprised by how many items from your everyday wardrobe can be repurposed for your capsule work wardrobe. For example, plain black trousers can be the perfect base for your new work blouses, and you can easily freshen up a basic white shirt with a blazer to create smart business looks.  

Items from a woman's everyday wardrobe can be repurposed for your work wardrobe.

How many items do you need in a work wardrobe?

Building a work wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank, and you don’t need to invest in 10 different pairs of trousers, work blouses or skirts. Instead, you can create many professional office uniform combinations with a few staple pieces.

For a basic capsule work wardrobe, we recommend the following:

  • 4 plain blouses
  • 2 patterned blouses
  • 1 white shirt
  • 3 pairs of trousers
  • 1 dress
  • 1 skirt 
  • 1 blazer

The 7 staple pieces every women’s capsule work wardrobe needs

At Simon Jersey, we’re proud to offer high-quality office workwear to suit various job roles. Whether you’re a front-of-house receptionist or work in hospitality, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our collections. 

Below, we’ve listed the 6 staple pieces every woman should have in their work wardrobe, including our industry tips on how to style them.

1. A plain ladies’ work blouse

Simple and elegant, plain ladies’ work blouses are the key to creating various professional outfits. They are effortlessly stylish and pair with other garments beautifully, allowing you to create a wide range of looks with minimal effort.

At Simon Jersey, we offer a beautiful selection of plain work blouses in various colours, so whether you prefer pops of colour or chic muted tones, there’s something for you.

The Simon Jersey slash neck plum top with a high waisted grey skirt.

Simon Jersey Women’s Essentials Slash Neck Blouse in Plum

This slash-neck plum top for women is perfect for office workers, featuring kimono-style sleeves and an easy-care fabric that drapes luxuriously. It is durable without compromising comfort, offering endless style, ease of movement and quality. Pair with tailored trousers or a skirt for a standout look.

2. Patterned ladies’ work blouses

A patterned ladies’ blouse is an easy way to inject personality into your work wardrobe. Whether you opt for pinstripes, polka dots or a different print altogether, you can enjoy a smart and stylish look without compromising professionalism.

Here, the Simon Jersey black and white square work blouse is paired with black work trousers, creating a truly stylish look.

Simon Jersey Tie Neck Blouse with Black and White Squares

Designed using lightweight, breathable fabrics, this tie-neck blouse with black and white squares is a fantastic addition to any work wardrobe. It is easy to care for and requires minimal ironing, while its elegant necktie design adds a contemporary edge to any outfit.

3. A white shirt

Crisp, clean and comfortable, white shirts are classic workwear staples that suit every dress code. They are as chic as versatile and look just as good in the office as they do for after-work get-togethers.

Our women’s shirts collection is filled with popular styles in various colours, so no matter your preference, we’re confident you’ll find a design to suit your requirements.

Our long-sleeved white blouse is complimented by slightly oversized and untucked black trousers.

Women’s Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt, White

This cotton-rich ladies’ white shirt is the epitome of style. Featuring long sleeves and back yoke detailing, it offers a professional, tailored look that flatters your shape.

Whether you prefer a work blouse and skirt or a work blouse and trousers combo, this long sleeve Oxford shirt is a staple addition to any work wardrobe.

4. A work dress

A dress is perfect when striving for elegant office looks that don’t compromise style. Dresses are versatile and comfortable, offering a professional outfit choice that can be styled to suit any dress code.

We stock an elegant selection of work dresses in various prints and colours, including dresses with pockets and contemporary necklines. So, whether you’re searching for the perfect mid-week staple or a versatile work dress that takes you from the office to dinner stylishly, we’re confident you’ll find a style to suit you.

The A-line black shift dress is paired with heeled court shoes for a standout look for the office.

A-Line Shift Dress, Black

Featuring a classic A-line design, this black work dress is the perfect way to make a great impression in the office. It features two patch pockets with chic zip detailing and a soft, rounded neckline. Style it with classic court shoes for an elegant business casual look, or under a cardigan for cooler days in the office.

5. Work trousers

There are few garments more reliable than a classic pair of work trousers. A basic work wardrobe staple, they can be paired without blouses or shirts, allowing you to carry out your daily duties in style.

We recommend investing in at least three pairs in different colours so that you can switch up your looks throughout the week.

Slimline black trousers paired with black court shoes.

Contemporary Women’s Slim Leg Trouser, Black

Designed with high-quality fabrics, these contemporary slim-leg trousers are elegant and comfortable, offering an enduring quality that stands the test of time. They feature side pockets, belt loops and chic drop waist styling, so you can easily achieve a flattering fit and optimum functionality!

6. Work skirts

A sophisticated alternative to trousers, ladies’ work skirts breathe new life into your office shirts and blouses, creating elegant new outfit combinations perfect for warm summer days.

The dark navy skirt is paired with light cream coloured heeled court shoes. Perfect for warm days in the office.

Qualitas 25″ Skirt, Dark Navy

Expertly designed with style and ease of movement in mind, this dark navy work skirt adds elegance and class to every work wardrobe. It features a contemporary fan pleat and is easy to care for, making it a suitable choice for on-the-go professionals with busy schedules.

7. A blazer

No work wardrobe is complete without the classic work blazer. Sought-after staples, blazers are one of the most fashionable workwear garments and can be styled with almost any outfit combination to add a stylish, professional edge.

At Simon Jersey, we stock a fantastic selection of work jackets for women, including black, navy and grey blazers. Wear open over a work dress or closed over a work blouse and skirt or a work blouse and trousers combination.

The women's notch neck black jacket is worn in a stylish suit combination. The model wears the jacket over a round neck white blouse.

Contemporary Women’s Notch Neck Jacket, Black

With its stain-resistant teflon® coating, this women’s notch neck jacket can be worn several times a week without compromising style or quality. It features jetted and internal breast pockets and creates a chic silhouette when teamed with a coordinating skirt, dress or trousers.

Build the perfect work wardrobe with Simon Jersey

Creating a work wardrobe from scratch can seem daunting, and knowing how to start can be challenging. 

However, once you have established your work dress code and read through our guide, you’ll have no trouble putting together a professional wardrobe that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

At Simon Jersey, we offer a fantastic range of office workwear to suit various job roles, so we’re confident you’ll find something for you. Explore our collections today for high-quality, durable workwear that works as hard as you.

Looking for the perfect finishing touch? We also offer personalised workwear, including embroidered staff names, brands and logos, perfect for giving your uniform a professional edge that stands out.

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